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  • England is Always Second-Best

    The English will not be amused. Turns out the most recent evidence concerning the origins of football (or ‘soccer’ to us cretins stateside) place the game in Scotland in the 15th century. I’m sure English footy fans will receive this news with their usual grace and charm. Why are the best managers Scottish? Cause they’ve […]

  • The Professor Wears a Tie

    Nate Kreuter, an assistant professor of English at Western Carolina, mounts a defense of the professor wearing a tie similar to the argument I made elsewhere. I’m increasingly convinced this is a significant generational difference. Older colleagues fled to academe as a respite from the corporate world, and increasingly they bemoan the corporatization of higher […]

  • Oooooh, science!

    That’s what I say whenever I come across articles that purport to offer scientific explanations for cultural or social phenomena. I’m never quite sure why these get any traction. There seems to be a built-in bias (at least in some audiences) for “scientific” explanations – and the harder the science, the more convincing the explanation. […]

  • I lost it all.

    Somehow I lost my entire WordPress site in the matter of a few hours this afternoon. I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is not good.