This is a Thing

One of my favorite things about the internet is the preponderance of things that may or may not be a thing. This is definitely a thing. What type of thing, I cannot say.

  • The dog-person in me loves the pooch’s reaction about 58 seconds in. He doesn’t know what’s happening either.
  • The scholar in me wants to know who’s in the picture hanging from the door. That has to matter.
  • The former music critic in me likes that it uses a track from an obscure British trance label.
  • The globalist in me likes that that label is named for a backpackers’ beach in India.
  • The Luddite in me loves the use of a banging ghetto-blaster for the music.
  • The sartorialist in me likes the use of coordinated, not matching, outfits.
  • The aesthete in me likes the balanced presentation: grandma downstage right, dance party upstage left.
  • The Midwesterner in me likes that he brought grandma a beer.
  • The absurdist in me loves the whole damn thing. And it is a thing. Certainly.

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